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Origin & Breeding Tract

It is a lesser known breed of buffalo, having their breeding tract in east and west Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh. This breed has their origin from interbreed crossing, followed by grading of local non-descript buffaloes with Murrah breed. The animals of this breed are also found in areas of Tanuku, Bhimavaram, Narasapur, Ramachandrapuram, Kothapeta, Alamurualuqa and part of Tadepanigudem and Kovvuru, Krishna deltaic areas of Gudlavalluru.

Physical Characteristic

  • The animals are medium-statured with compact body.
  • Colour is predominantly black with spare hair coat of coarse brown hairs.
  • The horns are short, flat, curved, slightly downwards, backwards and then forward with loose ring at the tip.
  • Udder is medium in size, bowl-shaped and well-paced medium-sized teats. Milk yield is around 2050 kg in a lactation of 305 days (Kumar et al., 2004b).


  • The average heart girth 191.55+1.08
  • Body length 142.60+2.91
  • Height at withers 128.28 + 0.90  and
  • Height at pin bones  117.93 + 0.43 cm in female Godavari buffaloes (Sanjay Kumar, 1992).

Production Performance

The mean peak yield, lactation length and dry period were.27 +0.19 litres per day, 417.87 + 8.80 days and 148.99 + 4.68 days respectively. The average age at first calving, calving interval and service period were found to be 44.23 +0.37 months, 570.17 +10.66 days and 265.95 +10.37 days respectively. Though it appears as an upgraded variety, it is named as Godavari buffaloes and described by many workers.

peak yield 27 +0.19 litres per day
lactation length 417.87 + 8.80 days
dry period 148.99 + 4.68 days
average age at first calving 44.23 +0.37 months
calving interval 570.17 +10.66 days
service period 265.95 +10.37 days