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 Common nameDistribution
 Kingdom:  Animalia  
 Genus  :Bubalus  
 Species:B. bubalisWater/River/ Asian buffaloIndian subcontinent
   B. arneeIndian wild buffaloIndian subcontinent
   B. carabanesis Swamp buffaloPhilippines
   B. mindorensis Philippines 
Total number of breeds72 12 registered breeds  in India
Related species
   Syncerus cafferAfrican buffalo 
Domestication:5000 yrs ago 
Domesticated subspecies :Water & Swamp buffalo
Genetic makeup
 Sub-speciesChromosome number & Characteristics
 Swamp buffalo  :48 (19 pairs metacentric)
 River buffalo     :50 (5 pairs submetacentric; 20 acrocentric)

Note: The two subspecies are inter-fertile and produce progeny with 49 chromosomes. Male crossbred progeny have sometimes displayed fertility problems while female progeny have manifested longer calving intervals only in the case of further backcross.

Contributed by Dr. R.K Sethi , Dr. K.P Singh ,A. k. Balhara and Sunesh