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Export potential

Meat export is desired to effectively utilize the available livestock resources and improve returns to the farmers by004 Int. J. Livest. Prod. popularizing buffalo meat. Buffalo meat is the major item of Indian animal product export comprising 48.76% of the total animal products exported. The major destinations of buffalo meat include Malaysia, USA, Jordan, Oman and UAE. Buffalo meat is exported to the tune of 306970.81 MT amounting 1615.59 crores which is the highest among all animal products that are exported form India (APEDA, 2008).

The share of Indian meat exports in the world market is less than 2%. Adequate meat production potential exists in the country to meet the domestic demand and to substantially increase the export. A significant price differential between domestic and export market exists for buffalo meat and it has better prospects for the meat traders. For an instance, In Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh, India the buffalo meat is sold by the retailer at the rate of Rs.40/kg. Whereas, the same meat used for export purpose fetches Rs.60/kg at the municipal slaughter house.

Source: international Journal of livestock Production vol.1(1),pp.001-005,August,2009.