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Buffalo Meat Terminologies

Buffaloes are raised for meat particularly in countries like Italy, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Russia and Egypt. Meat from buffalo is called by various terminologies in different countries according to the age of slaughter. The term, buffalo meat, is named after species of origin, most appropriate and common terminology used in Indian context. Buffalo beef is a differentiating nomenclature from its close ally, beef. Carabeef (seldom called buffen) is derived from the term caraboa, popular name for swamp buffalo in Thailand, Philippines and some South East Asian countries. Buffalo veal is the meat from male buffalo calves. Buffalo broilers are the buffalo calves reared exclusively on milk for meat purpose or with established norms of slaughter weight against a well-defined tender age (Ross, 1975; Bhat and Lakshmanan, 1998).

Table 1.  Composition of buffalo meat.


Buffalo meat

Buffalo broiler

Water (%)

74 -78


Protein (%)

20.2 -24.1


Fat (%)

0.9 -1.8


Ash (%)



Cholesterol (mg %)



Energy (Kcal/100g)



  Source: international Journal of livestock Production vol.1(1),pp.001-005,August,2009.