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Buffalo Meat production in India

India has largest livestock population in the world. It has about 98 million buffaloes, which is 57% of total population in the world. They contribute to 1.48 million metric tonnes of meat, amounting 24.54% of the total meat produced in the country (FAO, 2008). Buffalo is the only potential animal that can boost meat industry in India. Buffalo meat is the major item of Indian meat export generating huge revenue in animal products sector. Buffalo meat is the healthiest meat among red meats known for human consumption because it is low in calories and cholesterol. It has almost 2-3 folds cost advantage over mutton and goat meat. In India, meat is consumed either in curry form with high spices or as processed meat products. Only 2% of the meat is processed in India (APEDA, 2008), the remaining meat is sold in fresh or frozen form. Despite vast resource of population and contribution of buffaloes to the total meat production in the country, their potential for utility in the processed meat sector is not completely exploited.


Buffalo meat has gained importance in the recent years because of its domestic needs and export potential. Buffalo meat is well comparable to beef in many of the physiochemical, nutritional, functional properties and palatability attributes (Anjaneyulu et al., 1990). Furthermore, its utility in meat processing is on increase because of higher content of lean meat and less fat.



Meat from buffalo is called by various terminologies in different countries according to the age of slaughter. Buffaloes have a unique ability to utilise coarse feeds, straws and crop residues converting them into protein rich lean meat. The carcass composition varies with dressing percentage of buffalo carcasses. The dark buffalo meat possesses good binding properties and is preferred in product manufacture. Buffalo meat is the major item of Indian animal product export. Adequate nutrition and improved levels of hygiene at meat handling will enable India a quantum jump in meat production by utilizing the surplus male calves. Massive developmental programmes have to be launched to produce   meat as the principal commodity from buffaloes for substantially increasing the livestock economy of the country

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Areas of Production

The major areas for Buffalo Meat production are Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh .

India Facts and Figures

India’s export of Buffalo (bovine) meat has increased from Rs 3549.78 Crores in 2007-08 to Rs 4839.71 Crores in 2008-09. 

Major Export Destinations (2008-09)

Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Egypt Arab Republic, Kuwait.

Source : www.apeda.gov.in