Home Feeding of Nonworking Buffaloes
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Feeding for maintenance of nonworking buffaloes

Dry adult non-pregnant buffaloes or nonworking bullocks can meet their nutrient requirement for maintenance from 6-7 hr grazing with ad libitum feeding of straw during off grazing hours.

For stall-feeding of a 450 Kg buffalo

  • 9.5 Kg straw + 0.7 Kg groundnut cake/soyabean cake or
  • 7.0 Kg straw +10 Kg berseem (15% DM) or 
  • 28 Kg cereal fodder (20% DM)

will generally meet requirement.

For every 50 Kg higher body weight than 450 Kg 

  • 0.7 Kg straw+55 g groundnut cake/soyabean cake or
  • 3 Kg green berseem or
  • 2.5 Kg cereal fodder

has to be added and vice versa.

contributed by S.S Paul and Sunesh