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Vaccination of Growing Calves

The most common infectious ailments of neonatal buffalo calves are calf diarrhoea/enteritis (calf scours), navel-ill and pneumonia against which there are no vaccines available. These diseases are prevented through optimal hygienic measures especially up to first three months of age. Once the calf switches over to solid feeds usually there are less chances for the occurrence of calf scours. Common infectious diseases against which buffalo calves need vaccination are FMD, HS and BQ, however, depending upon the endemicity or in the event of outbreak of an infectious disease recourse to vaccination against other diseases might need to be adopted.

The calves introduced from villages are required to be kept in quarantine/isolation for some time, deworming and vaccinations given before they mix with the existing stock. A close watch on the epidemics occurring in the neighbouring areas should be maintained and the preventive measures be made effective accordingly.


General precautions during vaccination

  • The vaccine vial should always be shaken vigorously before drawing the contents, otherwise administration of concentrated dose in some animals may cause persistent swelling
  • If hypersensitivity reaction occurs (in rare instances) antihistaminics should be administered immediately
  • Used vials should always be disposed off hygienically
  • Avoid freezing vaccines and keep at 2-8C Keep Brucella vaccine at -20C while keep reconstituted vaccine on ice only
  • Vaccinator should take precautions to avoid accidental inoculation
contributed by N. Rana and Sunesh