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The pure Lime breed is believed to have originated from the wild Arna and has been domesticated throughout the known history of Nepal. The Lime buffalo is estimated to constitute 35 percent of the total indigenous buffalo population in the hills and mountains of the country.

Population size: 700 000



Light brown colour, small body size, characteristic chevrons of grey or white hair below the jaws and around the brisket, small sickle-shaped horns, curved towards the neck.

Height at withers of adult female is 115 cm, body weight is 399 kg.


The breed is found in the mountains, high hills and hill river valleys in Nepal. It is not found in the Terai plane.


Mainly rose under migratory conditions or semi-stall systems. The breed is a voracious eater and is fed only low quality feedstuff such as rice, wheat and millet straw. Small farmers exchange breeding animals within and between villages. Among the migratory herds, male and females are grazed together and mate freely during the breeding season from June to November. Females are legally banned from slaughter; only culled animals are slaughtered for meat.

Dairy performance:

Lactation duration : 351 days

Milk yield : 875 kg

Milk fat : 7.0 percent

Products: milk, ghee, meat, swiss-cheese, yoghurt, leather.

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