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Domestication of draught animals in the Indus valley civilization is referred to about 4500 years ago. It is the second most important breed in Pakistan.

Population size: 5 500 000.

Description: Black in colour, short horns.

Height at withers of adult male is 135 cm.

Body weight is 700 kg.

Height at withers of adult female is 125 cm.

Body weight is 600 kg.

Distribution: Widespread in South Pakistan Sindh region.


Buffaloes are traditionally managed under domestic conditions together with the calf. They are hand milked twice a day. They are fed different kinds of roughages: barley and wheat straw, cornstalk, sugar cane residuals. In addition, they are given concentrate mixtures. If grazing is available, they graze all day long. They are mated mainly through natural mating. Some villages also provide artificial insemination. There are a few state buffalo farms with 500 to 1 000 milking buffaloes.

Dairy performance:

Lactation duration : 320 days

Milk yield : 2000 kg

Milk fat : 7.0 percent

Milk protein : 6.0 percent

Sources: Alexiev, 1998; Tunio A.N., 1999.